Agri Grade | Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulphate |100% Water Soluble |


Increase Plant Nutrients Uptake and Speed Up Plant Growth , Increase Chrophyll Activity  , Improves Flavor of Fruits and Vegetables ,


Epsom salt can help your garden plants thrive because it increases levels of magnesium, one of the vital nutrients in garden soil.

Here are some of the advantages to using Epsom salts in your yard or garden:

(1) Encouraged growth: Increases chlorophyll production

(2) Root shock prevention: Epsom salt can prevent root shock at the time of transplanting seedlings or full-grown plants by increasing chlorophyll production and helping the roots absorb more nutrients.

(3) Improved flavor: The more chlorophyll a plant produces, the more sugar it produces, which results in sweeter and more flavorful fruits and vegetables.

(4) Pest control: To deter bugs like beetles, mix one cup of Epsom salt with five gallons of water, add the mixture to a spray bottle, and apply it to leaves. To control slugs, sprinkle the dry salt around the base of the plant.

How to Apply : Combine the salt with water. Dilute the Epsom salts with water. Use two tablespoons of Epsom salt per 5 Liters or 1 Gallon of water if you plan to water the soil. Or use one tablespoon of Epsom salt 5 Liters or 1 Gallon if you plan to add the mixture to a sprayer. Water your soil or your plants directly. Use your Epsom salt mixture to water the soil at the base of the plant, or add the mixture to a foliar spray—a spray that lets plants absorb the nutrients directly through their leaves instead of their roots.

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