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Basil is a herb that is often used in Italian or Thai food. Sweet basil is used in Italian food and Thai basil is used in Asian food. Basil has a sweet, strong smell. Basil likes to grow in hot, dry conditions and does not tolerate frost at all. Basil stops producing the oil that gives it its flavour once it starts to flower, so you should pick off the flowers as they develop. You can leave one or two stems to flower without affecting the rest of the plant, so you have some seeds for next year.

(2) Endive Is A Leaf Vegetable Belonging To The Genus Cichorium , Endive Is One Of The Vegetables That Usually We See In Salad, Especially Western Salad. Endive Has A Science Name, Cichorium Endive, Which A Vegetables That Classified In The Family Of Asteraceae.

(3) Clover, Belonging To The Genus Trifolium, Grows All Over The World. A Majority Of The Plants Are Seen In The Northern Hemisphere, With Some Growing In South America And Africa As Well. They are a Small Annual Herbs, With Leaves Arranged In The Manner Of Three Leaflets. Flowers In Red, White, Purple, Or Yellow Occur As Dense Spikes. Finally, It’s Widely Used as a Traditional Medicine To Treat Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Skin Disorders, Cancer, Respiratory Problems Like Asthma, And Women’s Health Issues, Such As Menstrual And Menopausal Symptoms. However, Little Research Supports These Uses.

  • Each Packet Contains 200 No’s of Seeds
  • Can be grown in Indian climate/weather conditions
  • Best Suitable for Terrace Gardening, Grow bag Kitchen Gardening, Terrace Gardening and Roof Top Balcony Gardening
  • Seeds are only for growing at Home Garden on in field , Should Not be consumed directly in any form

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Each Packet Contains 200 nos of Seeds




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