Micro Green & Sprouting Seed Combo-12 Varieties (9000 Seeds) + 250 Gms Soil Potting Mix

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Micro greens are tender shoots of vegetable or herbs whish are approx. 1–3 inches (2.5–7.5 cm) tall. They are consumed / harvested just after the cotyledon leaves or first true set of leaves are developed. They have an aromatic flavor and highly concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colors and textures. Micro greens can add sweetness and spiciness to foods. Microgreens are easy and convenient to grow, as they don’t require much equipment or time. They can be grown year-round, both indoor or outdoors. 

  • Money Saver Combo pack of 12 Varieties of Micro Green & Sprouting Seeds. Contains AMARANTHUS-RED, BEETROOT, BROCCOLI, BLACK CARROT, FENUGREEK, GARDEN CRESS, KALE, MIZUNA, RADISH, RED CABBAGE , ROCKET & TURNIP Micro Green Seeds.
  • Pack contains Approx. 9000 Seeds.
  • Ideal Seed Packets for Terrace Gardening, Kitchen Gardening and Roof Top Balcony Gardening
  • Seeds are only for growing at Home Garden on in field , Should Not be consumed directly in any form
  • Seed Germination Potting Mix is soil-less blend of ingredients formulated to ensure enhanced germination of seeds and promote plant growth , 100% natural / organic
  • Retain moisture and nutrients around plant roots, Less Watering Requirement (1-2 times a week) due High Water Retention Capacity.
  • Higher Aeration Promotes Strong Root Growth. 
  • Odorless and Pleasant to Handle. Anti-fungal.
  • Non Toxic and light weight.

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