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(1) There Are Two Types Of Rocket Leaves Also Called As Arugula Which Popular Nowadays, They Are The Cultivated One Eruca Sativa And Diplotaxis Tenuifolia Known As Wild Rocket. They Both Belongs To The Brassicaceae Family (Same Family To Cabbage, Broccoli And Cauliflower) And They Originated In The Mediterranean Region. Wild Rocket Leaves Have The Pungent Taste And Stronger Than The Cultivated Rocket Especially The Young Leaves, Which Make Them As One Of the Perfect Ingredients In Salads, Pizza Toppings, And Other Cooked Culinary Purposes

(2) Wild Rocket Have Dark Green Color With Serrated Leaves And They are Known To Have Intense Peppery Flavor. This Vegetable Is Very Popular In Italy And French. It Is Believed That Wild Rocket Have Been Used In Culinary And Medication Purposes Since Roman Age. Later The Italian Settler Brought The Vegetable To North America And Other Part Of Europe. Wild Rocket Also Posses Long History Of Medicinal Use For Various Purposes Such As Diuretic, Laxative, Stimulant, Antiphlogistic, Astringent, Digestive, Tonic, Stimulant, Laxative And Others.

  • Each Packet Contains 150 No’s of Seeds
  • Can be grown in Indian climate/weather conditions
  • Best Suitable for Terrace Gardening, Grow bag Kitchen Gardening, Terrace Gardening and Roof Top Balcony Gardening
  • Seeds are only for growing at Home Garden on in field , Should Not be consumed directly in any form

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Each Packet Contains 150 nos of Seeds




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